DATE: 16.12.2023


 Theme : Healthy Diet Going Affordable for All.

GUEST: Fr. Roxan Thomas Baros, Principal Mrs. Mamatha D.G ,

                        “Our food should be our Medicine and Our Medicine should be our food”
            The Programme was conducted be 2nd Sem  BSC (N) Students under the guidance of class co coordinator Mrs. Savitha and Mrs. Reshmi Lecturer. 

            The Chief Guests of the programme was  Fr. Roxan Thomas Baros, principal Mrs. Mamatha D.G , and Evaluators Sr. Lynda , Mrs Gishy Vijaykumar and all teaching faculties and Mr Chinappa. On that day Nutritious  food items was prepared from the each group prepared different types of food according to disease condition . All the arrangement were done accurately . All the teachers tasted the food from the each group, students explained what are the ingredients used , nutritional calories and values, The Judges Mrs Gishy Vijay Kumar and Sr,Kynda evaluate the food according to the criteria  finally entire event successfully completed 

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