The code of student conduct is established to foster and protect the core missions of the College, to foster the scholarly and civic development of the students in a safe and secure learning environment, and to protect the people, properties and processes that support the Institution and its missions. The core missions of the university are teaching, learning, service and research.



"College premises" means all lands, buildings and facilities owned, leased, or operated by the College. The term "student" means an individual who has paid an acceptance fee, registered for classes, or otherwise entered into any other contractual relationship with the College to take instruction. A safe and secure environment allows for a positive learning environment. In turn, a positive learning environment promotes student learning. To successfully achieve these outcomes, it is necessary develop a clear set of student expectations.

Admission Criteria

Students/Parents/Guardians are informed that it will not be possible to enter into correspondence with them in connection with the various provisions in the Administrative Manual/Curriculum. It is also not possible to grant them any interview in this connection. All decisions or actions taken by the Management are final and not subject to review.
All students are required to submit the authentic details of self, parents including permanent and present residential address, contact number, mobile number which has a WhatsApp contact, e-mail address, copy of pan card, ration card, aadhar card. Any change in address, contact number needs to be intimated to the office/Principal immediately in writing by way of a letter/mail by parents.
Practitioner and ensure that Immunization/ Vaccination is done before joining the College. Students who have not taken Vaccination/Immunization will be required to follow the Institutional protocols and undergo the formalities for the same.
Students are required to inform the College Office their blood group, in case of any past illness, chronic illness, allergy, food allergies and medications they are on etc. A copy of the free will letter has to be given to the Hostel Warden as well if the student is residing in the College Hostel. A form will be made available for this by way of an Annexure. Student must stay in the hostel till the completion of their course. Withdrawer in between the course has to pay the full amount.
Fees will be charged based on the expenses incurred on education and other facilities offered. Students are expected to meet these expenses. Fees are to be paid by the students within the time specified by the College, failing which the student will not be permitted to continue the classes.
For all legal matters/disputes arising out of provisions of this prospectus, the court of Jurisdiction will be that of Mysore only.