Admission to “Sanmathi” Hostel can be obtained by submitting an application to the College filling the Registration form which is available in the College. The applicant should be accompanied by the parent or guardian while seeking admission. Accommodation is provided only for women students who are single. The validity of the period of admission is only till the completion of the course. The decision to re-admit depends on the management which will be granted only if the conduct of the applicant is satisfactory. Applications are accepted regardless of caste or creed.


Admission Procedure to hostel:

  1. Shall obtain the application form from the office
  2. Filled in application form along with photo copy of payment receipt need to be submitted to the warden.
  3. List of visitors and their photo copies, address for contact, telephone number & E-mail ID should be submitted and updated annually or whenever there is a change.
  4. A letter from the local guardian stating his/her acceptance to be the student’s guardian.
  5. Passport size photographs


  1. Student must abide by the rules and regulations of the Hostel
  2. Food will be served in the refectory and hostilities are requested to be in time for meals. In case of the need of being absent from the meals the warden shall be informed in advance.
  3. Inmates are strictly forbidden to carry any food items, food material utensils, crockery or cattery from the dining hall.
  4. No student are allowed to enter the pantry, kitchen or its premises or give order to the cooks or servants. All transactions should go through warden.
  5. The inmates should be careful to observe the table etiquette at the time of meals.
  6. No student is allowed to leave the hostel without the permission of the warden. Strict action will be taken against the defaulters.
  7. Hostel gates will be kept open only during allocated time.
  8. On Visiting Sundays parents only are allowed. They can visit only on 2nd and 4th Sundays from 10.a.m. to 4.p.m.
  9. For serious misconduct a student can be dismissed by the Management.
  10. The student should inform the warden before going out (Hospital, emergency needs) and as soon as they return.
  11. The students are expected to adopt modest life style of dress within the premises of the hostel.
  12. No valuables are to be kept in the hostel. The management is not responsible for any loss of money or valuables.
  13. Students are to bring their beddings, mosquito nets, buckets, mug, plates, cup etc. and all the necessary personal articles.
  14. Hot water through solar will be available.
  15. Catholic students must attend Holy Mass every day and recite Rosary in common.
  16. Student should occupy only the rooms allotted to them. No one should move the room or furniture allotted to each one. They have to take care of the furniture and other things at their disposal and keep them always clean.
  17. They shall keep their rooms clean, neat and tidy and their belongings in order. Nobody is allowed to write on the walls, tables or paste pictures and stickers anywhere in the hostel.
  18. Any loss or damage of the hostel property will be chargeable individually or collectively.
  19. The warden has the right to enter and inspect rooms at any time. However every damage or loss should be reported to the warden immediately.
  20. The inmates are expected to preserve cleanliness in the bathrooms, toilets, washing places, refectory etc.
  21. Strict silence shall be observed in the hostel throughout the study time in order to maintain the atmosphere conducive to study for the good of every one.
  22. Students should not exchange beds or occupy the vacant places. No student is allowed to sit or sleep on others coat.
  23. Electric iron box, heaters, stoves, radio, tape recorder and any other kind of imploratory articles are strictly forbidden in rooms.
  24. Going home will be allowed only at the requests of the parents. On such occasions they should get the permission of the parents also fill in the register the details while going and on return. On return they will inform the warden as they reach and sign the register. If not able to come back at the stipulated time, the parents should inform the warden. Leave letter has to be submitted to Warden after due sign from Principal and administrator.
  25. Hostel authorities will not be responsible for anything that might happen due to the misuse of freedom or violation of the rules.
  26. Phones/Mobile usage is only during allotted days and time.
  27. When student fall sick, student should see that the warden is informed of her illness in time. When she is seriously ill, the parent or guardian will be informed for proper care and treatment.
  28. Inmates should be very careful in the use of water and electricity due to the scarcity and hike in electricity charges.
  29. All lights should be switch off at 11.00 p.m. and all should be in bed.
  30. Any inmate guilty of misconduct, disobedience or any kind of improper attitudes or misbehaviours to the hostel authorities and any breaking of hostel rules are immediately suspended or even expulsion from the hostel depending on the severity.
  31. If students have any suggestion to make, they are welcome to do so either individually or through the representative.
  32. Everyone should keep in mind that they are individually and collectively responsible for the good reputation, name and the smooth running of the hostel.
  33. Kindly note: Hostel and Mess fees may vary if the prices for the ingredients, gas, electricity is higher in course of time.
  34. Students will be shuffled among the batches to avoid linguistic, religious and other group problems.
  35. Students are expected to keep the rooms neat, clean and arranged always. Rooms should be swept daily by the inmates on rotation.
  36. Students should prepare name list of each room and should be hanged on the door. Schedule for cleaning, sweeping and the list of furniture also should be present in the room.
  37. No wastes like bottles, biscuit covers, Chips covers, skin of the fruits should be thrown in the windows side.
  38. Students are strictly instructed to double cover the used sanitary napkins and put it in the dust bin provided for the purpose.
  39. No Sanitary napkins should be discarded in the toilet and flushed which will cause the drainage blockage. Any blockage the whole hostel students will be fined.
  40. Washing can be done in the evening before 6:pm during given time. No washing in the bathrooms.
  41. Inmates are expected to arrange the study table in order.
  42. Inmates are expected to sleep in their cot only not in friend’s cot or other rooms.
  43. Any complaints regarding repairs in the hostel need to be reported to warden immediately through class rep.
  44. Save water and electricity. Switch off light, fan etc when not required.
    45. Book and notes to be updated regularly.
  45. On Govt. Holidays Sunday Time table to be followed
  46. Use of electrical items like iron box, heater, Coffee maker & stove is not permitted.
    49. Poster & stickers should not be pasted in the room walls and cupboards.
  47. Any damages to the building or things to be replaced by the students.