Dear Friends,

Nurses have historically played a central role in health care.  Every day, in their contact with the sick, they experience the trauma caused by suffering in people’s lives.  They are men and women who have chosen to say “yes” to a very special vocation: that of being good Samaritans who are concerned for the life and suffering of others.  They are guardians and preservers of life, who, even as they administer necessary treatments, offer courage, hope and trust.

St. Joseph’s Nursing Institution aims at developing the self-esteem of students as well as providing theoretical information and skills. Students with higher levels of self-esteem are more enterprising in their social relations and professional efforts, more confident, and more open to learn new things. Nurses are close to people at crucial moments in their existence – birth and death, disease and healing – helping them deal with traumatic situations.  Sometimes nurses find themselves at their side as they are dying, giving comfort and relief in their last moments. 

At this competitive world, increasing the standard education and clinical application of students would be important in the positive development of their self-esteem and professional self-concept. We increase the quality in nursing education so that the budding nurses will render their service happily and willingly, upto patient satisfaction.

Nurses, have the right to be better and more fully valued and involved in processes concerning the health of individuals and communities.  It has been shown that investing in them improves overall care and health.  Therefore we provide suitable scientific, human, psychological and spiritual tools for their training, by improving their working conditions and by guaranteeing their rights, so that they can carry out their service in full dignity.

Thank you for choosing to be a Nurse! Promising to render your service to humanity!

With Prayers and Blessings


Fr Roxan Thomas Baros.