A Hearty welcome to St. Joseph’s College of Nursing, a unit of St. Joseph’s Hospital Trust, Diocese of Mysore, Karnataka.

Greetings of joy, peace and prosperity. Our college was started in the year 2011 with 4 years degree course B.Sc. Nursing and 3 year GNM Course. This became the first Christian Roman Catholic nursing college in Mysuru. Now in 2024 we are proud to begin M.Sc. program in paediatric and medical surgical departments. We draw immense satisfaction from the success of our students who are well placed today in India and across the globe. We are truly proud of our students and dedicated faculty. The college with the state of the art facilities and infrastructure dedicated faculty and library facilities is our strength.

Nursing is a divine call from above. God is the Supreme Healer. You are only an instrument and medium to pass on God’s healing power to your patients for their wellness. If it’s a call then you must respond to His call and then it becomes your vocation. God brings peace, joy, solace and comfort to the suffering humans through His chosen ones. You are chosen by God to continue His ministry of healing.

We must always remember Florence Nightingale – the lady with the lamp as Nurses role model. As Florence Nightingale you as a nurse should enkindle hope in those people who have given up their hope. You need to bring joy to the heart of the suffering. You are called upon to restore confidence in your patients. For this, one is required to develop skills of the mind and qualities of the heart. Strengthen yourself professionally specially your attitude, skills, knowledge, experience and prepare yourself to be a confident and competent nurse. The role of the nurses is very important as you are in the front lines to give care to the patients.

I am sure your journey in St. Joseph’s College of Nursing will be a smooth one. Your hard work and sacrifice will certainly make you a qualified health care professional. As a nurse, you will be called ‘angels’ and truly to the sick and suffering people you will bring solace and will be an angel. Once again welcome to St. Joseph’s College of Nursing. God bless.

Rev. Fr Manuel D’Souza