DATE: 12.09.2023

TIME: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm 

Theme: “Let’s make breastfeeding and work, work!”

GUEST:  Fr. Roxan Thomas Baros the Administrator, Mrs Mamatha DG. The Principal , Dr. Dayananada R, the resource person , Mrs Gishy Vijay Kumar HOD of Community health nursing , the class co coordinator Sr, Lucy 

            Forensic nursing plays a crucial role in building the gap between health care and original , Justice system , they Provided care to victims of Violence , collect evidence and support the investigation process to dive into various aspects of forensic nursing and equip with the knowledge and skills we need.

            Registration started by 8:15 am, prior to the sessions Pretext was conducted. Then With Prayer Song the program was started Ms. Ann Mary and Team at 9:00 am. The programme was inaugurated at 9:30 am by the administrator, Principal and resource persons, The Principal delivered the well-wishing message to the gathering. 

            The First Session was started at 10:00 am by The Resource Person Dr. Dayananda R Associate professor, Department of forensic medicine. MMC The topic was Medical negligence and Sexual offence. The second session by the second resource person of the day was introduced by Mrs. Ansu, the programme “Mr. Renjualal yoshodhanan “M. Phil, M.Sc in Psychiatric Nursing Profession Manipal college of nursing. The Topic was “Evidence collection of forensic nursing” 

    The Josephite’s Management felicitated the resource person and post test was conducted then continued with the valedictory function. At 3.30pm a special Chief Guest was welcomed and introduced to the gathering “Mr. Shashidharan “.The Principal of Gopalgowda college of Nursing, Mysuru 

            The review of the day by the teachers and students regarding the session was interactive and interested. After addressing the dance was performed by the 4th year students. The Programme was ended by signing off by Ms. Ansu Moncy and Ms. Ezhava.   

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